17th March 2018

About Us

Who We Are…

Proportion.Co is a network of individuals, partners and agencies that provide expert advice and guidance to our worldwide customers. We are a bunch of brilliant business professionals who ensure that we deliver strategic, insightful and commercially focused consulting that drives our customers towards their delivering their vision and purpose more efficiently and effectively.

Founded and led by Dominic Risebro. Click through to read more about our CEO – Dom

Who you are…

Whether you are a Founder (or investor) of a new start up or a senior project leader in a corporate innovation unit the challenge is remarkably similar – to prove that your idea can be monetised and sustainable in as short a period of time as possible, often with finite resource.

What we can do together!

Proportion.Co exists solely to help you to:

  • Build, develop and market brilliant value propositions
  • Ensure you are quickly delivering precisely what your customers want and need (and will pay for!)
  • Embed your VP’s inside the right business model
  • Avoid wasting any of your precious resource (time, money and reputation)